HR Services Solutions, LLC (HRSS)
HR Services Solutions, LLC (HRSS) and its team was purpose-built specifically to provide responsive Personnel Development System Life Cycle Management Services in the following areas:

Personnel Services and Support

U.S. Military Overseas Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling Services Program–Army (Prime Contract). We support in seven countries, 23 OCONUS locations, with a staff size at contract up to 33 counselors, five clinical supervisors, and associated management support. We consolidated several programs including prevention, outpatient counseling, and referrals, and developed a leading-edge program for the Army with quantifiable outcomes and productivity measures.

VA Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) (Prime Contract) We supported the White House’s Skills and Demand-driven Training Initiative to provide a prototype accelerated learning program (ALP) to create and deliver an effective alternative to traditional learning methods. Along with the design and delivery of the training itself, our team also was responsible for providing veteran placement services within the local area and throughout CONUS as required.

Air National Guard (ANG) Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP) Support Services (Prime Contract) We staffed Air Wings with YRRP resources that provided event planning, management, and support of Airman including family well-being activities and events. We were responsible for tracking service members before, during, and after deployment; reporting on participation and other analytics to verify return on investment and program effectiveness. On this contract, we also provided logistical support for Transition Assistance Program (TAP), Strong Bonds, and Resilience, which included organizing events, gathering data, requesting funding, setting training dates, and tracking and monitoring attendance.

Studies and Analysis

BUMED Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) and Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton (NHCP) Population Health Program (Prime Contract). We provided strategic analysts, administrative personnel and Subject Matter Expertise (SME) in support of the establishment of a Naval Population Health Strategic Plan. This plan provided a guiding framework for implementation and further evaluation of the effectiveness of the NMCSD Population Health Initiatives. Accomplishment of these goals requires our personnel to provide support Program Analysis and Process Reengineering.
CRM System Unified Desktop WBT Design and Training Support Services (Prime Contract). Our work on this contract included in-depth analysis of the system usability, accessibility and user training requirements.  

Recruitment and Retention

Indiana Army National Guard Medical Readiness Services (Prime Contract). We provided Case Coordinators, PEC Coordinators, MND Assistants, Medical Extensions/INCAP Coordinator, Med Discharge Coordinators, Case Manager (RN), Lead Case Manager (RN), PEC Case Manager (RN), Part-time Case Manager (RN), AMEDD Coordinator, Medical Records Coordinator, Medical Administrative Assistant, PDHRA Coordinator, MOB/SRP/PHA Coordinator, Dental Case coordinator, Medical Boards Coordinator, and a Health Benefits Advisor, to identify, quantify, track and resolve medical readiness issues within the command which is a retention enabler.

U.S. Army Athletic Trainer. Forward Musculoskeletal Care for Initial Military Training (Prime Contract). We provide 43 Certified Athletic Trainers at multiple U.S. Army Initial Military Training locations. Our Certified Athletic Trainers are assigned to MTFs, Troop Medical Clinics (TMCs), Physical Therapy Clinics, and Recruit Training Battalions located at Fort Jackson, South Carolina; Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; Fort Sill, Oklahoma; and Fort Benning, Georgia. Our support is performed by providing real-time front line basic combat training assessment and triage of injuries in the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal based injury.

Information Technology (IT) and Other Computer Related Services – A broad range of IT services including Computer Programming, Computer Systems Design, Data and Systems Management, and other related support services in addition to the Engineering Services outlined above.

Management and Administrative Support

U.S. Army TATRC Mobile Application, Software Engineering and Help Desk Support. We provided Help Desk Services to the Mobile Health Care Environment (MCHE)-R/mCARE,

Financial Improvement Program (FIP)/FIAR Support Services for the U.S. Navy. We provided Subject Matter Expertise (SME) in the establishment of a robust Audit Remediation and Audit Coaching/Support Program that encompassed all DoN Major Commands and crossed numerous functional components. The goals of the FIP include: (1) establishing effective internal financial controls, (2) sustaining those controls through a testing program, and (3) proving the accuracy, reliability and validity of DoN financial information via a successful financial statement audit. Accomplishment of these goals requires significant resources, services support and expertise in Policy Analysis and Policy Development, Program Analysis and Process Reengineering, and Operational Business Application. We continue supporting this critical effort for the DoN currently.

Air National Guard Credentialing and Privileging Support Services/ANG Centralized Credentialing and Privileging Program Management (Prime Contract) We provided records review and correction of all ANG assigned providers in CCQAS; managed and maintained credentialing and privileging records of ANG providers, updated those records, and, on a limited basis, supported privileging of behavioral health providers and initiation of inter-facility credentials transfer briefs (ICTB) for deployments/ humanitarians/annual tours/other training missions.

  • Highly qualified Project Managers with the responsibility and authority to provide effective corporate project oversight, and to and direct all team resources for the accomplishment of customer requirements.
  • A responsive SDVOSB-led Joint Venture (per FAR Subpart 9.1) with deep capability, established with members that provide the breadth of management capability to effectively execute and manage multiple Task Orders (TOs) concurrently.
  • Proven capability and experience: An outstanding team of subcontractors who provide depth of capability and experience across many functional areas. Most of our team companies have experience working together previously on services requirements, resulting in established processes via successful execution.
  • Agile Task Order response: Our Project Management Office (PMO), local to Washington, D.C., is designed for rapid, precise response and high service levels to the customer during execution. All team members have previously demonstrated the unique ability to effectively bid task order work with agility, at competitive price and best value to the customer– and execute with outstanding performance.
  • Robust management structure. Clear lines of authority and responsibility, ample resources, with well-qualified personnel, who are on staff now, distinguish our PMO to be able to provide superior management and oversight in the accomplishment of customer requirements. The ProTech Joint Venture PMO features an established approach, methodology, and processes to plan, execute, track and report, and manage multiple task orders – successfully.